An auto-responder is usually a predefined email, that is sent automatically as an answer to every email received in a mailbox with this function enabled. The two most common examples for using this feature are automated e-mails that one is briefly away from the office or that an order has been received successfully. An auto-responder may also be used as a basic confirmation that an e-mail is delivered successfully, which can be something quite important in business correspondence. The message that's delivered can contain pretty much anything and can be modified with respect to the circumstances and what the auto-responder will be used for. As the feature is enabled server-side, there isn’t anything you are required to do by hand and you don't need an e-mail app to be active at all times for the automatic reply to be delivered to the person sending you an email.

Auto-responder Emails in Website Hosting

If you would like to create an auto-responder message for any mailbox made in a website hosting package with our company, it won't take you more than a couple of clicks to achieve this. You can observe a list of all e-mail addresses you have inside the Emails section of the Hepsia Control Panel, which comes with all of the website hosting accounts. For each one of them, you will notice a small auto-responder button and everything you need to do is to click it, type the content that you'll want to use and save the changes - it is as simple as that. Creating an auto-responder for several emails and updating or deleting an existing auto-responder is just as effortless and can be carried out whenever you want. You will see a special image for any mailbox with an active auto-responder in the Emails section, so you'll be able to monitor with ease and change the status of the function at any time if required.