A backup is a copy of an Internet site that is kept on a separate hosting server and can be restored if a problem occurs with the live site - a failed script update, an unintentional deletion of some file or of your entire database, etc. Restoring the site the way it was shall eliminate or reduce the damage the issue may have caused, which is by all means a much better alternative than having to rebuild the entire site from scratch. While you can download a copy of your content on your laptop, keeping a backup is a function that most hosting companies include as part of their packages. You have to check how frequently they do that, though, because some companies generate a backup just once every couple of days, which may be far from enough for a booking website or an e-commerce portal where the information is updated each day. Make sure that you see how quick and easy a backup may be restored, which can be critical if some issue appears on your Internet site.

Daily Data Back-up in Website Hosting

All files and databases hosted within a website hosting account on our cloud platform are copied regularly, so no matter what happens with your Internet site, we will have a backup of your content and we will be able to restore it very fast. We have surpassed what other firms typically offer in this regard, since our system produces a backup no less than 4 times per day. If you want any content to be restored, you need to make contact with our technical support via a trouble ticket and they will do what is vital inside the hour, restoring the content from the time period you want. However, you can also look at the backups using your Hepsia Control Panel. They will be listed inside the File Manager section and sorted by time and date. Restoring a website is as easy as duplicating the files from the backup folder to the live domain folder, so even when you have little or no experience, you won't have any problems.