In case you choose to use a PostgreSQL-driven script application on any of your websites, you will need ample database storage for it, so as to ensure that even if your website expands, it will run properly and without disorders. Including more products to an electronic shop or more comments to a message board are just two samples of what may increase the size of your databases. If you use up all your storage space at some point, the functionality may decrease or the site might not be available at all owing to the fact that once the storage restriction is reached, the script won't be able to save fresh content inside the database - user-generated or system one. Since PostgreSQL is used for scalable web applications, it is very likely that if you employ this type of database for your site, you'll need more space for it as your website grows.

PostgreSQL Database Storage in Website Hosting

We supply a variety of website hosting in order to offer you a chance to acquire the characteristics that you actually need and not pay extra for attributes that you will not use. That's why, the PostgreSQL storage is an additional upgrade which you will be able to add using your Hepsia Control Panel for some of the packages; with others you'll have a certain quota, while with the high-end plans you get unlimited database storage space. Because you can easily switch among the packages or upgrade certain features, you can start with a lower-end one and eventually upgrade in case you want to host PostgreSQL-driven websites. Needless to say, if you wish to start this type of a website from the start, you'll be able to pick the most appropriate plan that has PostgreSQL support as standard.