Although a standard website hosting account is usually set up automatically, there're always some configuration duties that are handled manually by the web hosting service provider. Installing a virtual or a dedicated server usually requires even additional efforts since a considerable amount of time is spent to install and configure the software and hardware platform, and then test the server to guarantee its proper operation before it's given to the client. In order to cover the time spent on that, various providers have an installation charge that you are required to pay when you obtain your new web hosting package. Often, that fee will not appear before you reach the payment page and you will not see it before that on your main page near the web hosting plan characteristics. In the general case, this cost is one-time and it will vary from a little to a significant amount of money based on the company.

Setup Fee in Website Hosting

Our website hosting plans lack any kind of setup fees or any other hidden charges on the whole. When you purchase your account, we'll process your fee at once and your account will be generated and activated from our system straight away. The full cost that you will have to pay for your web hosting package will be identical everywhere - on your front, order & payment pages, and you will not find or be charged anything further than that cost anytime. This is valid even if you order a number of accounts because it is our belief that creating trust is far more important than receiving several more dollars. Your account activation is real-time, so you are able to proceed and start setting up your websites straight away.